About BIKE.CO, an Online Bike Company

At BIKE.CO we're dedicated to making biking easy to do. We carry mountain and road bikes, offer tune-ups, give bike tours and rental packages, and more. Whether you need a new ride to see the world, rip it on the mountains or just want to transport groceries safely from your bike, we've got you covered.

We offer bicycles for rent, sales and tune-ups. We pride ourselves in offering the best bikes, equipment, and accessories. We are in the business of providing a unique experience for our customers. We've created special relationships with local partners to offer our customers high quality rental bikes as well as bike trails that connect to Northwest Arkansas. To ensure positive experiences we have a full time mechanic ready and willing to get you out on the trail fast. Our small team hopes that you fall in love with biking, Fall in Love with Life!

Based in beautiful Bentonville, Arkansas--dubbed the Mountain Biking Capital by Outside Magazine, we're a full-service bike shop with an online rental service, and we're also available to perform mobile repairs and tune ups for your bike while on the trails or through the city.