Coler MTB Preserve

Located about two miles west of downtown Bentonville, AR, the Coler Mountain Bike Preserve is built on a reclaimed area in the Coler Creek river bottom and is built as a area dedicated to mountain biking. Biking Coler has the feel of being far from civilization when in reality it still sits close enough to everything Bentonville, AR has to offer. The trail system has been greatly improved in recent years and includes multiple flow sections, big jumps and challenging double-black diamond terrain areas. It has biking for the beginner and expert alike.

The top of Coler's Phase 1 includes a 20 foot drop structure custom-built of steel and wood. Riders can start from three downhill runs and choose whatever trail difficulty level makes them the most comfortable. Expert and enduro riders will love the "Drop the Hammer" a double-black diamond route on the Cease and Desist trail featuring a 12-foot drop into the Coler River bottom and a 10-foot step-up before hitting two more large drops.

For those interested in technical terrain, Rock Solid provides an extremely technical trail complete with plenty of rocks. Coler is perfect for the enduro rider who wants technical terrain and beauty in the same trip.

If you're a camper, the Coler Creek Campground is a great place to stay on a first-come-first-serve basis and it's right in town!