Slaughter Pen

Slaughter Pen represents one of the best mountain bike rides in an urban environment around. This 40+ mile, single-track trail was built over a former livestock management area and sits next to both Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and the beautiful Razorback Regional Greenway. The trail is dotted with art and includes broad range of difficulty from beginner trails (e.g. Seed Tick Shuffle, All-American) to the more advanced (e.g. Medusa, Scott Allen Alley). Built with a number of hubs, the system is vast and built for any skill level. The Slaughter Pen trail system includes technical flow areas, big boulders, large drops and technical climbs.

Slaughter Pen is located right in the heart of Bentonville, which includes all the amenities you want right next to the best mountain bike trails the area can provide.