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The crowning feature of Centennial Park is a massive stone structure that has been described as Fayetteville's very own Stonehenge. Located at the top of Millsap Mountain, this hub includes stairs and tunnels incorporated into both cross-country and cyclo-cross courses. The UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships will be held at this park in January 2022, so while the park is open to visitors you can expect some ongoing construction.

Ride the 12-mile network to find a trail called Learners Permit, which is perfect for beginner mountain bike riders and those looking for an entry level experience. This trail has about three miles of flowy singletrack with some climbing but it doesn't have any real technical difficulties. The southern slope on Millsap Mountain provides almost four more miles of trails that are just as great without being too easy or difficult! The top of the Learners Permit is accessible via Junk Drawer. After navigating your way through some rocky sections and arriving at a long-abandoned pickup truck that has now been turned into a jump, you start to understand how this trail got its name. Meanwhile, Basket Case is short but rowdy for those who enjoy rocks with expert features like an on-and-off lily pad along the way! If you are looking for a good intermediate trail with some short but rowdy sections, try the Basket Case. It's packed full of rocks and has two expert features like an on-and-off lily pad!

Nature lovers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts will find that the Fayetteville Trail System in Arkansas is a great place to explore. With trails connecting everything from public parks to university campuses with downtown amenities, there are plenty of beautiful places for exploration on foot or bike! The traverse is the perfect place to go for an intermediate and expert downhill-only ride. The trails have names like Captain Fantastic, Chunky, etc., which are sure to get you pumped up before heading down those big jumps! Mountain Ranch Boulevard is a scenic stretch of road in the Ozark Mountains, lined with trees and winding up sloping hills. I-49 crosses through this picturesque area on its way to Tulsa from Joplin. Along one section stands The Centennial Park trailhead which offers parking for visitors as well as picnic areas that are perfect for an afternoon family outing or post work day relaxation spot.