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Have you ever wanted to get a taste of what downhill mountain biking is all about? Well, the trails at Marble Flats are perfect for that! Three short but memorable descents await riders and are great practice if you're looking to improve your skills. After an invigorating ride through this natural area with its scenic views, make sure not miss out on snapping a photo in front of one-of-a-kind bridge before heading home. The Happy Little Trail takes you to the hub, and from there you can take a connector that will lead you down one of three downhill lines--Phthalo Green, Prussian Blue, or Midnight Black.

Phthalo Green is the perfect place to begin your downhill journey. With its fun rollers and swooping berms, you'll have a blast as it drops you into skills area with plenty of rocks and wooden features for added variety! On Prussian Blue's intermediate line, prepare for tight switchbacks that drop in elevation quickly followed by catch-style berm turns before finishing out on chunky rock piles - keep an eye out because there are hidden treasures waiting to be found throughout this trail. When you're ready to take on some of the more advanced trails, be sure to try out Midnight Black. This is a trail that includes both jumps and wooden berms around giant boulders - all great for catching photos or video of your ride! The other two beginner-friendly options are still worth exploring too: Joys Of Riding will bring riders back down into town where they can find food, water, restrooms (the essentials!), while Happy Little Trail Climb takes adventurers up through scenic forests before finally bringing them back near Passion Play's hub area tree line.