Upper Buffalo Headwaters

The Buffalo Headwaters Trail System offers over 60 miles of incredible and diverse trails. The single track sections are expansive with a wide variety of native plants species, as well as wildlife such as deer and other animals that you might see along the way from time to time. Lots more creeks than your usual mountain bike trail will have too!

The IMBA Epic Ride earns its status by being an all-around experience for any level rider: there's old school hand cutter singletrack; machine built flow/downhill tracks mixed in between creek crossings (that also offer some steep climbs!) but don't worry about getting wet because these parts dry up quickly after rainstorms--just be mindful when crossing them if they're still running high water

Primitive camping is available on Forest Service lands. With maps and markers at each intersection, it can be easy to navigate the lush forest of Upper Buffalo Creek Trailhead. Get your gear ready for a wilderness adventure! With maps and markers to guide you along the way, Upper Buffalo provides many opportunities for swimming.