The Great Passion Play

The Great Passion Play network of mountain biking trails sits just outside of Eureka Springs, Arkansas and near the 66-foot tall statue of Jesus Christ which overlooks nearby Eureka Springs. The Great Passion Play outdoor amphitheater hosts recurring Christian plays on an annual basis. This area is also a great plays to shred the local mountain biking trails.

With local trail names like Atonement, Deliverance and Rapture there is a religious spirit and theme to everything that goes on here. The intermediate trails offer a nice balance between flow and challenge. The advanced trails are natural, steep descents with plenty of rocky drops and nice wide berms. The Great Passion Play trail network also includes a loop called Genesis. Crafted by the National Interscholastic Cycling Association, it provides a venue for racing among middle-school, high school and other junior mountain biking groups.

The biggest jump line in the region also rests here at the Great Passion Play trail. With a table-top jump that spans almost 40 feet, it is the perfect venue for the most advanced and adventurous bike rider. You will love the mix between the religious theme and the mountain biking mecca of Eureka Springs on the Passion Play trail network.