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Downhill bike trails are a common sight in many mountain towns, and Lake Leatherwood is no exception. There's something magical about the steep ledgy hillsides along with all that fresh air to get your adrenaline pumping right off the bat! The Eureka Springs park offers seven downhill-only opportunities for riders of various skill levels that range from one mile long each. With so much territory to explore just waiting for you at every turn, it can be hard deciding which trail best suits your needs without sufficient time or energy left over after work hours have ticked away - but fret not because there's always tomorrow!

The biking trails around Leatherwood Lake are challenging and beautiful. The 1,600-acre park is also open to mountain bikers thanks to volunteer advocacy and labor over the last two decades. Riders can take in all 25 miles of cross country paths woven up and down hillsides with views of one spot that should not be missed: a 1940s limestone dam built by Works Progress Administration (WPA).

Hiking through trail-filled parks is great, but there are other things to do such as fishing and boating. Cabins and camping spots can be found throughout the year. It's just minutes from Eureka Springs' main drag so after you hike it’s a short walk into town for more shopping or some tasty food!

The park also offers various activities like fishing and boating which means that cabins or campsites are available all year long thanks to its close proximity with Eureka Springs who has plenty of shops, restaurants, motorcycle bars etc., accessible by foot once your done hiking the trails in this area