Marble Flats

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Marble Flats is the trail network across Magnetic Drive from the Passion Play entry gates. Marble flats includes a five-mile trail system with three shorter trails which should still suit your fancy for a quality ride.

The beginner route starts with Phthalo Green which takes you through some nice pumps and rollers, dropping you into the mountain bike park that includes skinnies, rock piles and tight switchbacks. Phthalo Green leads into the intermediate course at Prussian Blue where you take on a bit more advanced berms and rockier terrain. Finally, the advanced course Midnight Black includes numerous jumps, wooden berms, curves and large boulders so you can rip to your heart's content. Additional trails include Beauty is Everywhere, Joys of Riding and Happy Little Trail Climb which take you back to the trail climb, connecting you with the Passion Play network.