mountain-bike-rentals makes mountain biking easy, fun, and affordable for all ages. Our bikes are in great condition and our staff will get you out on the trails quickly so you can enjoy your ride as soon as possible!

We have a fleet of high-quality mountain bikes that we rent to people visiting our city or anyone who wants to explore the trails around town. Our bikes are well maintained by local experts who love biking as much as you do. We have over a hundred different models from which to choose with sizes for every rider. Plus we rent all your gear like helmets, locks, racks, and more. We also offer guided bike tours that will take you on an incredible journey through the beautiful forests and the best parts of town. 

By renting one of our high-quality mountain bikes, we’ll make sure that you can go as fast or slow as you want while exploring the area’s most scenic spots with your friends and family without having to worry about getting lost along the way. Our friendly guides will also teach beginners how to ride properly so they don’t feel intimidated by this exciting new activity!


Our bike company can help keep your bike in good shape and running smoothly so you can ride without worrying about breakdowns or accidents.

We offer tune-ups on road bikes and mountain bikes as well as flat tire repair services at our shop that is located in the heart of Springdale. Our certified mechanics will inspect your wheels, brakes, gears, and chain to make sure everything is working properly before handing off your bicycle back to you. You’ll feel safe riding again knowing that we’ve got this covered. 

Your bike is one of your most valuable possessions, but it’s also one of the most complicated machines you own. With that said, we are here to make sure that you are able to keep up with all the little things that might go wrong with your bike over time in order to prevent it to lead to big problems down the road if left unattended. With us, you will be running again safely and smoothly in no time! 

CUSTOM E-BIKE BUILDING offers an affordable way to build your dream ride without breaking the bank. Our customer service team will help you every step of the way so that you can create exactly what you want at an affordable price point. 

We have been making hand-built custom bicycles for years now, so we know how to make your dream bicycle come true. We’ll help you design every aspect of your new bike from scratch with the help of our experienced and expert designers at our shop. Plus rest assured that all of our bikes are built from high-quality components sourced from local suppliers. We offer everything needed so anyone can make any kind of bike they want. 

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality product possible while keeping our customers happy and satisfied with their experience from start to finish. We’ve been crafting quality handmade bikes since our foundation and we’re ready to build yours today!


We service all of Northwest Arkansas for road and mountain bike sales, service and rentals. Get in touch with us today! or (479) 323-2452