Gilbert Bike Company is proud to offer some of the most popular combinations in bicycle rentals, as well as some of the largest bikes offered in our area. We have a wide variety of bikes so you can be sure we have a bike to fit any need such as Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Kids Bikes, Cruiser Bikes, Comfort Bikes, Fitness Bikes, and much more!

To fit every individual we offer a variety of rental options. Our rentals are available on an hourly, weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis with no long-term contracts required. We have the perfect basic bike to take on a leisurely ride around town, or a fully loaded mountain bike for rugged play.

Our mission at Gilbert Bike Company is to create an unforgettable experience for our customers. That’s why we offer a variety of activities, including e-bikes, that we know families will love. Our bikes are perfect for everything from family biking adventures to school field trips. When it comes to family fun in the San Francisco Bay Area, there’s no better way to embrace it than by renting bikes from Gilbert Bike Company.


Gilbert Bike Company is located in Gilbert, Arizona. We take pride in our customer service and our high quality of repair on all types of bikes, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and Fat Tire Bikes. We are your local source for comprehensive bicycle maintenance and repair. We stock a complete selection of tires from the newest and best brands and are able to service the most sophisticated bicycles to any bike you would ride on a daily basis.

In addition, we have our own line of accessories and apparel. Our highly trained staff is comprised of dedicated cyclists who also happen to be accomplished mechanics and knowledgeable enough about all makes and models of bikes and are here to help you get the most out of your ride.

We want our customers to have a choice in their riding experience even if they are all about style, speed, comfort or just riding for fun. We strive to be the best brand of bikes and accessories in order to do this. By using strong and durable materials, we can make our bikes easier to use, and more comfortable for our customers’ needs. Our goal is to leave you with no regrets about buying a Gilbert Bike.


If you’re looking for a shop that specializes in high-end bicycles, look no further than Gilbert Bike Company. With over 20 years of experience in the custom bicycle industry, we’ve helped customers across the world create truly one-of-a-kind cycles. Whether you’re looking to create a racer, sports bike, mountain bike, or any other type of bike – Gilbert’s offers personalized service and quality you can see.

We take great pride in our experience and knowledge of all “things two wheels”. Stop by the next time you are in the area and have a look at our repairs, rentals, and sale options. We are able to get you on to your next ride quickly and efficiently and guarantee that you will love your riding experience with us! 

gilbert E-BIKE SHOP
Our office has not been opened yet

Our office has not been opened yet for active bike repair and rental service. If you are interested in partening with us to open this business, we would be happy to discuss the potential with you.

Please get in touch – ride@bike.co or (479) 323-2452