Our goal is to get more people riding bikes in our community, so we have created this website to inform anyone who wants to rent a bike how they can do so and where they can ride safely within our city limits. Pick from a selection of high quality bikes includes many types that are not available at a typical rental shop. All of our bikes come with helmets and locks included in the rental price – no extra fees!

We rent all types of bikes and have the best pricing. Our fleet includes road bikes, Terry Cruisers, hybrids, kids bikes, fat tire beach cruisers and electric bikes, you can choose any bike that meets your needs! Enjoy bike riding to work or school!

Being a family owned and operated business, we are competing against established e-bike companies that have already made a name in LA and California. So it’s guaranteed that we will bring a new kind of spin on e-bikes. With our app, you can rent a bike anytime or anywhere thanks to GPS navigation.


Just about any used bike needs some level of tune-up or repair that can be completed at the local shop. BIKE.co is a bicycle shop in Gardena, California that offers various repair and tune-up services.

Whether you’re looking to have your tires installed, or if you’re in need of a complete overhaul on your handlebars, BIKE.co can help you with it all.  We recently added a new selection of bicycles to their lineup as well — a perfect fit for those looking for a new ride!

We specialize in minor tune-ups and repairs that usually take less than an hour. We at BIKE.co will help get your bike road ready with the best equipment and most experienced mechanics. We also sell a variety of bike products including helmets, locks, lights, racks, baskets and more.

Rather than being a company of products, we focus on people; helping cyclists get back in the saddle again by offering high quality maintenance services performed by professionals.


Do you want to customize your bike? Yes, we do too. That is why we started BIKE.co – because we love bicycles just as much as you do. Whether it’s a custom frame or the perfect fork, we will work with you to create a unique bike that fits both your needs and your aesthetic. 

We build bikes in our small frame shop located in downtown Gardena, CA. Here at Bike.co we want to bring out your inner artist, inventor or dreamer and create the one off of a kind customized bike that you have always wanted.

All of our bikes are built using the highest quality parts and workmanship available, which is just one of the reasons we are proud to offer one year warranties on all frames and components. BIKE.co has been building custom bikes since 2008, combining traditional bike-building craftsmanship with modern technologies to create unique bikes for every style of riding.

BIKE.co enables your ideas of making a bicycle come true by providing you with the best bike design, top quality bike components, a wide range of bikes and accessories and brands and professional assembly service. So let’s get started!


gardena E-BIKE SHOP
Our office has not been opened yet

Our office has not been opened yet for active bike repair and rental service. If you are interested in partening with us to open this business, we would be happy to discuss the potential with you.

Please get in touch – ride@bike.co or (479) 323-2452