San Bernardino Bike Company offers full-service e-bike for our customers. Our rental bikes are full suspension, making it easier to handle the varying terrain in the park. All rentals come with a free helmet, compact multi-tool, water bottle, and a map of the trails. With a selection that includes cruisers and mountain bikes, tandems for couples, children’s bikes with training wheels, recumbents designed to relieve pressure on your back, motorized carts for those with limited mobility, and road bikes to explore the city. Whether you are here on business or to visit family, our goal is to make sure that you enjoy your stay by getting around easily.

Variety of bikes available for you to rent on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. Our trained and knowledgeable staff is on hand to guide you through your rental experience from selecting the optimal bike for the activity, to fitting it with a bike helmet and accessories we got you covered. Our shop is an authorized repair center and carries a wide range of bike-related items. Our bikes are designed to make your ride as efficient and fun as possible while you discover all we have to offer. 


San Bernardino Bike Company is offering Tune-ups and Services for your bike. Our staff will make sure your bike is in optimal condition before you hit the streets or the trails again. Overhauls include a complete disassembly of the bicycle, cleaning, inspection, grease, adjust and reassemble and test ride to make sure all is as it should be. 

We provide advice and knowledge about local trails, bike safety, and handling skills as well as important mechanical work such as basic adjustments and brake repair. Our technicians are here to help you get back on two wheels by tuning the bikes from scratch to perfection. 

Whether you are looking to purchase your very first bicycle or need to have your current bicycle serviced, we at the San Bernardino Bike Company are here for you. We believe in making Bike-to-Work day a reality for our customers so offering tune-ups and minor repairs are just one of the many services we offer.


San Bernardino Bike Company is the first step in taking your custom bike idea from the dream phase to reality. Whether you want a cruiser, mountain bike, tandem, or child’s size bicycle, we have the tools necessary to build it with “no headaches” guaranteed.

We also have a great selection of parts and accessories for all different types of bike styles available for sale. Our love for bike building has led us to bring you what is sure to be one of the best experiences you will ever have at a bike shop. We build timeless bikes you will be proud to ride for decades. Our customer service and product knowledge will make you feel like family and our philosophy is the reason you come back to us time and time again. 

We take pride in our work and believe in not just building a bike, but providing a service to our customers. Whether you are looking to add a unique touch to your bike or completely rebuilding, we can do it all! Contact us today and let’s discuss your ideas and what we can do for you!



We have not yet opened this office for active bike repair and rental service. If you would like to discuss the potential of partnering with us for opening this office, please get in touch with us – or (479) 323-2452