When it comes to fun outdoor activities, bicycling is high on my list. Riding a bike is not only great exercise but fun as well. With all the technology in the world these days, sometimes it is a challenge for me to remember that sometimes all you need is a good bike and a nice trail to ride on. You can go wherever you want, at whatever time you want… No more waiting for buses or spending hours in traffic jams.

Born from a desire for a more environmentally friendly and active city, our mission is to bring a bicycle rental program to Coral Gables. This program will allow residents and visitors alike the opportunity to discover our wonderful city in a whole new way. We want guests to fall in love with our great city so much that they’ll join us in trying to make it even better!

Our aim is giving you the freedom to explore or just take an easy cruise into the local parks without having to worry about public transport timetables or expensive cab fares. Come in and try out our selection of bikes – we have an abundance of the top brand name bikes that are regularly serviced for your comfort and safety! We look forward to seeing you soon!


Our BIKE.co bike repair and tune-ups services offers you peace of mind that your bike is in the best possible condition for the road. You want to be able to ride, not worry about mechanical issues, so we’ve teamed up with the best bike shops in Coral Gables to bring you their expertise when and where you need it.

Every year,  the BIKE.co team receives hundreds of requests from cyclists in need of bike repairs and tune-ups. Our mechanics perform a standard safety check, fully adjust brakes, gears and the front and rear derailleurs, and lube the chain on your bicycle. We only use the highest quality bicycle parts in our repairs and tune-ups so you can rest easy knowing that your bike is in good hands. We also clean the frame and wheels of your bike after each service to ensure it looks like new when you return to pick it up.

We are incredibly proud of our innovative and simple model that allows you to schedule repairs in one step with an online transaction, no need to navigate multiple sites! BIKE.co is not just about convenience though; it’s about getting you back on the road sooner. Our mobile fleet gives us the freedom to come to you! Everyone knows that when your ride is broken down, every minute counts.


Here at BIKE.co we specialize in building custom bicycles from the ground up using the highest standards in quality and craftsmanship. Our products are built in small batches to ensure precision fit and finish during construction.

BIKE.co allows you to choose from millions of combinations of wheels, seats, handlebars, brakes, cranks and more to create the custom bike of your dreams. Continually adding new parts and models so we can offer you the most complete selection available.

With BIKE.co, you choose to make your bike as unique as you are. Utilizing the best of thousands of stock and custom parts, our premium selection of brands, and curated assembly process, we work tirelessly to create a bike that is truly one of a kind. Switch out wheels, tires, saddles, cranks, and more without ever needing tools.

Whatever the style, whatever the sport, BIKE.co has a bike for you. Every frame is made to order in our workshop and customized to your needs. Browse our selection of unique, hand-crafted frames, forks and complete builds using the finest parts from select manufacturers.


We have not yet opened this office for active bike repair and rental service. If you would like to discuss the potential of partnering with us for opening this office, please get in touch with us – ride@bike.co or (479) 323-2452