Coral Springs Bike Company is a full-service bike company that offers rental bikes for the novice rider to the professional. We offer a great selection of rental bikes for all types of events and riding experience levels. Whether you want to explore the trails around Coral Springs or cruise downtown Miami Beach, we have you covered. 

Our collection of rental bikes brings you the latest in bicycle technology. Choose between a huge selection or look for a recently released model. Our repairs department is well-equipped and offers services ranging from tune-ups to custom modifications.

Our team is a group of passionate cyclists who aim to make your cycling experience more enjoyable. We pride ourselves in offering an easy and friendly rental experience, whether you need a bike for a night, a week, or longer. You’ll get helpful, hands-on advice at Coral Springs Bike Company which includes an honest assessment of your cycling capabilities and the right equipment to ensure safety and comfort. No matter what you need, we’re here for you. Let us help you make the most out of your riding experience! 


We love to ride our bikes and know you do too. If you want a safe and fun way to get in shape, or just want to have fun on your bike with friends, we can help. We specialize in mountain bikes, but we service and repair most models of bikes. 

We go beyond just renting bikes and offer bike tune-ups and repairs done by experts. We make sure our customers are comfortable with their bikes before they head out on the road. We’re always happy to help you find the right bike and service for your next trip. 

Our guides understand that your party’s “fun factor” is directly linked to the dependability of your bikes. If there are any issues, we can fix them and get you back on the road in no time. We can also offer repair services if you prefer to tackle the problem yourself at home with our help and advice. When you’ve got the itch for a ride, we are your go-to place for the newest and best bike company. We also offer an unbeatable selection of parts and accessories. With our staff of experts, we can help you repair, service, or upgrade any bike you own. 


Make sure you’re equipped with the right machine for your needs before hitting the road — and when you do, make sure you keep your bike in tiptop condition with our reliable repair and maintenance services.

We encourage you to ride your bike in a safe environment, but we know that with the best of intentions, things can always go wrong. That’s why we are here to ensure that your custom bike building needs are met at all times. We appreciate that everyone is different and so are our needs. This is why we offer a range of services that suits your personality and taste.

With our impressive customer service, you can count on our experts to help you plan a weekend trip near the coast or a commuting route at your request. We understand all levels of cycling and look forward to helping you choose the bike that matches your experience level, style, and budget. Call or email us today!


We have not yet opened this office for active bike repair and rental service. If you would like to discuss the potential of partnering with us for opening this office, please get in touch with us – or (479) 323-2452