Bicycling is a fun and healthy way to enjoy summer, and it opens up fantastic new possibilities for exploring the world around you. If you’re thinking about taking up road biking or mountain biking or even just want to bring your bike in for a tune-up, BIKE.co is here to help.

As a full-service bicycle retailer, we offer the best selection of bicycles, parts, accessories, and gear. We take pride in carrying various brands from reliable companies that aren’t readily available in Iowa. We specialize in many of the disciplines of cycling – road bikes, cyclocross, and mountain bikes – with different sized frames for men and women as well, so you are sure to find the perfect bike for you. We also carry an array of recreational bicycles as well as kids’ bikes.

We are here to service the needs of the entire bicycle community. We rent, sell, fix, and enjoy bicycles. We provide a comfortable atmosphere for people of all ages and skill levels to visit with friends, learn about and enjoy one of the best forms of human-powered transportation.

Our goal is to ensure that every visitor to Iowa has an unforgettable experience. That’s why we strive to provide top-notch service, rentals, repairs, and accommodation. Our expert staff will help you with planning your trip and recommending the best routes for your time here in paradise. Whether you’re looking for something fun to do with family or planning a romantic getaway, our friendly service is second to none!


BIKE.co provides service and rentals to both novice and seasoned riders. We stock a range of bikes for all ages, from kids’ bikes to hybrid bicycles for adults. Our company provides a wide variety of bicycle repairs and services in the area and we also have tools and parts available for sale at all our stores.

We strive to provide the best bike shops in Iowa, and here’s what differentiates us from our competition. We are a full-service bike shop that specializes in high-quality gear for cyclists, whether they are just beginning their journey or veterans who have been riding for decades. Our expert mechanics can keep your cycling equipment running at its very best.

We can help you with any cycling need, whether it’s choosing and fitting the perfect bicycle, picking out a new helmet, or repairing a flat tire. Each of our Iowa City e-bike packages comes with a high-quality bicycle and helmet rental, and our New Bikes shop carries the most popular brands, including Trek, Specialized, and Cannondale. 


The bicycle industry has been rapidly growing recently. Many people around the world have discovered the fun and health benefits of bicycling, and many have decided to make this a regular part of their lifestyle. As more people decide to commute on two wheels, they are turning to BIKE.co as a way to ride safely and keep up with their passion. 

Our professional and courteous staff is there to make sure that our customers are receiving the best experience when they come into our store. We have a selection of different products for you to choose from.

We can help you understand the basics of bicycling, including how to find the right fit for your bike and accessories. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us today, and let’s discuss your ideas and what we can do for you!

Our office has not been opened yet.

Our office has not been opened yet for active bike repair and rental service. If you are interested in partening with us to open this business, we would be happy to discuss the potential with you.

Please get in touch – ride@bike.co or (479) 323-2452