BIKE.co lets you rent bikes for the day like you might want to ditch the car. We make getting around Elgin a breeze with bicycle rental locations in strategic areas of the city. Our e-bike employees are friendly and knowledgeable, and our fleet of premium bikes includes 7 different styles of high-quality bikes. Our e-bike program provides the perfect opportunity to ride through Elgin’s beautiful neighborhoods and parks, or use your bike to get some exercise while exploring the city. Our mission is to create a shift in how people view bicycling – from an exclusively recreational activity to one that can be used as an alternative way of commuting, a new way to get to work, or simply refilled when visitors arrive at their destinations.

We offer a wide variety of models and always accommodate our customers, whether it’s for a romantic getaway or a business trip… Or anything in-between! Rent a bicycle online from the comfort of your hotel room and explore the city. BIKE.co is faster, cheaper and more convenient than any other way. All of our rental bicycles come equipped with helmets, locks and bottle cages. All you need to do is register online to rent your bike!

Imagine a fleet of bikes on every corner in your city. BIKE.co is taking bike sharing to the next level with a network of indoor and outdoor bicycle rental stations paired with innovative tech integration. Rental bikes offer a variety of sizes to fit every rider comfortably, large baskets for everything you need to take with you on your day, and are equipped with front and rear luggage racks so you can bring even more with you.


For bike repair, tune-ups and all around bike maintenance BIKE.co is your one stop shop on Elgin, IL. Our mechanics are ready to tackle any problems you may be having on your bike. Specialty on Shimano parts and repairs. BIKE.co has the components and accessories you want from awesome brands like Shimano, Oakley, Sidi and more in stock at all times so you can demo and return your gear hassle-free.

Get on board the bike revolution. BIKE.co will help you make your everyday journeys better and more fun, whether you cycle for fun or commuting every day. Our repair advisors will answer your questions and help you with anything from fixing a puncture to re-configuring your bike. We don’t just have experts in-store; we can also remotely connect you to our technical team if you need advice on buying a new bike, configuring it for your needs or taking a cycling holiday.

BIKE.co is a tune-up and repair company that helps people get back on their bikes as quickly as possible. Each repair comes with a complimentary 30 day tune-up right from our team of certified mechanics. We pride ourselves on providing high quality work and excellent customer service. Our mission is to promote biking, help people learn more about bike designs, give quality repairs done with care and to provide selection of great parts and accessories to choose from.


BIKE.co is a bike builder and seller that specializes in custom design and building in Elgin, Illinois. BIKE.co has been featured in “The Huffington Post” and other local newspapers. We are created for bikers, by bikers. We are the first bicycle shop to offer a full service hot rod experience from start to finish. Whether you want to customize your current ride or build your dream bike from scratch we have you covered.

We offer bike sales and fully custom builds as well as bicycle repair services. We also sell steel frames from the most respected builders in the United States of America. BIKE.co was created with the goal of creating a place for cyclists to come together for all things bicycle related. BIKE.co allows bike enthusiasts to build bikes in a friendly environment. You will find everything you need when it comes to building your perfect bike whether it be for commuting or cruising through the city to catch an evening performance in Millennium Park.

Our core values reflect our passion for bikes and cycling: to enhance where trips begin by creating meaningful experiences through travel by bike. We love cycling because we see the way it can bring a community together. Our craftsmen have years of experience with hot rods and bikes so rest assured they will take the time to make sure every detail of your chop is as perfect as you imagine it to be. Which is why we stay true to our motto: Live Life Bike Style! 

Our office has not been opened yet.

Our office has not been opened yet for active bike repair and rental service. If you are interested in partening with us to open this business, we would be happy to discuss the potential with you.

Please get in touch – ride@bike.co or (479) 323-2452