Need to rent a bike to explore Glenview? Worry not for Glenview Bike Company is here to get you covered. You can rent a bike of your choosing. Drop by for repairs and service to keep it running in top shape. Our staff will make sure you have everything you need from bike racks and locks to map books and food recommendations.

We have a wide fleet of e-bikes available to all levels of cycling enthusiasts. Our e-bikes include hybrid, commuter, mountain, cruiser, road, and children’s bikes to people who live here or are visiting in Glenview. We carry bikes from Cannondale, Giant, Specialized, and Trek. Our knowledgeable bike shop staff can help you find the perfect fit. We also perform tune-ups and repairs on all brands of bikes. We will make sure that all of our bikes are regularly maintained so that you will have a safe and enjoyable biking experience. 

Glenview is a perfect community to get healthy by bike riding. We have everything you need to make biking simple and convenient. Whether you’re a novice biker looking for an easy trail ride or an advanced cyclist looking for the most exhilarating mountain biking experience, our bike company has everything that you want. With us, you will surely have a fun time on the roads and trails!  


At the Glenview Bike Company, our service goes way beyond a repair. We have bicycle-friendly mechanics available to give you professional advice on any need you may have. Our knowledgeable staff will help you with any problem your ride is experiencing. We are committed to providing you with the best service in order for you to get back on the trails again in just a short period of time. 

We’re here to help you with competitive prices on tune-ups, repairs, and service. Our expert technicians are trained to handle just about any problem that could arise while you’re out and about, whether it’s a concern with the bike frame or wheels or anything in between. Our goal is to fix your bikes so that they will be safe, had brakes that actually worked, and gears that changed without trouble. We also wanted to make sure that if your bike broke during your visit, we’d be able to fix it right away rather than making you come back later.

Bicycle season is here, and it’s time to get back out on the road for a fun day on your bike. We are here to provide some TLC treatment to your trusty steed. You will now have more time on the roads! 


Glenview Bike Company provides the full range of rental, repair, and service services for the area. We also provide custom bike building. Our passion is building the best bikes possible. Whatever is your level of riding, rest assured that we have something for every biking style.

Choosing a bike can be difficult, but we know it’s important to you. You can relax knowing that our on-site service and repair department is here to help you find and even build the perfect ride. We are experts in customizing and upgrading bikes, everything from dyno-tuning to custom paint designs. Get your dream bike today at a price you can afford.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help make your experience memorable and ensure you have everything you need for a safe and enjoyable ride. Whether getting fit for a new bike or a week-long adventure e-bike, we are right here to support you and your cycling dreams! 

Our office has not been opened yet.

Our office has not been opened yet for active bike repair and rental service. If you are interested in partening with us to open this business, we would be happy to discuss the potential with you.

Please get in touch – ride@bike.co or (479) 323-2452