To say that Holyoke is the best place for biking enthusiasts would be an understatement. It’s only an hour away from Northampton and Amherst, which are both known for their bike scene. specializes in commuter bikes, cruisers, kids bikes, and cargo bikes. We offer convenient bicycle rentals to fit any need, in addition to bicycle education and fun group outings for all ages. We offer the most quality, memorable and fun cycling experiences by using the latest urban cycling techniques to interact with our nature and community.

Commuting to and from work? Wanting to explore the city? What about just riding out for fun with friends and family? With bikes that are designed to be easy to ride in the city, mountains, and on trails, we’re confident we can meet your needs. Reserve online or via the app and will deliver it to you wherever you are. When your done riding, simply return the bike at any of’s three hubs.

Above all, biking is an effective form of exercise. It also helps reduce traffic congestion. We want to help make biking safer and more accessible in Holyoke.


If you ride, then you know how good it feels to get out on the open road. It’s a great way to take a break from a busy day and enjoy the ability of riding freely. But for riders who have been riding for some time, they know that riding can hit bumps along the road. Either by hitting a pothole or just going too hard on your bike, small problems can arise. provides professional bike tune-ups and repair for all types of bikes in Holyoke. If you are looking for a place to fix your bike, find a special or hard-to use part for your bicycle, or browse thru the selection of clothing and parts, then is your source in Holyoke. 

Holyoke Bike Company offers flat tire fixes, bike cleaning and care maintenance for two-wheeled transport. All the services are performed by professional bicycle mechanics with over 20 years of experience in their craft. We can also supply bicycle parts, accessories and clothing of many different brands, such as: Shimano, Campagnolo, SKS, Seven, Answer Pasadena, Raceline and ISM Adamo to name a few.


Building a bicycle from scratch is more or less the same as making a car. It’s not only about your taste and preferences, but also about the mechanics of a bike that will last you for many years and not to mention it should be comfortable for you. For any bike fancy or simple there are things that shouldn’t be missing during the building procedure.

We are makers and artisans who care about the bicycle. We love to build bikes, parts and accessories which push our creative potential and fuse modern technology with traditional hand-built skills. Every bike we create is unique, featuring hand-building techniques and luxury components that showcase our design philosophy: the bicycle as an object of beauty with elegant lines and purposeful design.

Whether you want to hit the trails, or are looking to create a new pair of wheels , hosts an array of workshops and rides throughout the year. Check out how the infinite variety of possibilities allows you to create really cool bicycles that are not available in regular bike stores.


We have not yet opened this office for active bike repair and rental service. If you would like to discuss the potential of partnering with us for opening this office, please get in touch with us – or (479) 323-2452