Eden Prairie Bike Company is a full-scale e-bike facility. We provide high-quality bikes and friendly on-site staff who can ensure you find the perfect ride for your adventure. Whether you are riding on a single track in the woods of Eloise Butler, out on the trails of Minnehaha County Park, or peddling through town to pick up some fresh bagels for breakfast we have a bike that will suit your needs. 

Our fleet consists of high-quality, comfortable cruiser bikes equipped with two single speeds for climbing and single speeds for cruising. Our standard cruiser is the only one with a back rack and fenders. Our top-of-the-line ride is the step-through, lighter-weight Dutch-style bike. We also offer heavy-duty cruisers with bigger rear wheels and higher handlebars for a more upright riding position.

Our Bike Rental Program is designed to provide customers with a variety of bike choices, all maintained to the highest standards. We want every customer to have a fun and memorable cycling experience and will do everything possible to achieve this. We are a community-based e-bike company with an extensive selection of bikes for you to choose from. We have all the bikes you need whether it’s for a day, week, or weekend trip.


A well-tuned bicycle is smoother riding, more efficient, and often safer. A proper bike tune-up can be performed on any bicycle, mountain, road, or cruiser. During a tune-up, we evaluate the condition of your tires and cables making sure they are up to date. The brake pads are adjusted to ensure they are not worn out. The gears are checked for wear and adjusted to prevent unnecessary gear grinding. Your front and rear derailleur are analyzed for wear and adjusted as needed.

Whether you are looking to buy a new bike, or simply want to update your current bike with new parts, or tune up your current bike, we have everything you need. We carry a full line of bicycle helmets and accessories that matches your needs. We even offer service packages that include basic repair or a more extensive tune-up. 

We at Eden Prairie Bike Company are dedicated to providing our customers with quality service, and the best bicycles for your riding pleasure. We strive to provide bike tune-ups for all customer’s bicycles, new and old. In addition, we offer classes on how to maintain your bike and do most repairs yourself at home. Our most important goal is customer satisfaction. We’ll work as hard as possible to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their experience at Eden Prairie Bike Company.


Eden Prairie Bike Company is a custom bike company that specializes in hand-built steel and titanium frame bike building. We build high-quality steel bikes using the most advanced braking, gearing, and drivetrain systems available today. We are also very interested in making sure that your bike feels right to you. From sizing to component choices, paint colors to accessories, we want to understand what makes you happiest on your new bike so that you have a long relationship with it.

We love our bikes, and we love the community that comes along with them. It’s what drives us every day to bring the best quality parts and service to our industry, and to make sure we never settle for anything less than the best results. We want each client to get a unique bike that expresses their personality while also adding value to their lives on a daily basis. 

Give us a call today and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and determine the best bike for you. 



We have not yet opened this office for active bike repair and rental service. If you would like to discuss the potential of partnering with us for opening this office, please get in touch with us – or (479) 323-2452