Biking is a great way to get around, but not everyone has a bike. So if you want to try biking without buying your own bike, renting from Lancaster Bike Company is the best option. Our shop rents bike for all skill levels and we have affordable rates and flexible rental terms. We also offer repair services if something happens during your ride.

Our shop has all kinds of bikes available for rent so that no matter what type of riding experience you’re looking for, we have something to offer. Find the perfect fit for your trip by choosing from a variety of top-quality brands including Cannondale, Fuji, Giant, and more.  From cruisers and beach bikes to mountain bikes and road bikes, we make sure our rental fleet has everything covered so that everyone who rents from us gets exactly what they need. 

Renting a bike from our shop will allow you to enjoy the freedom of mobility that biking offers while avoiding the cost and headache of owning one yourself. With over years in business, we’re confident that our staff can help make sure you have an enjoyable experience on two wheels!


Bikes are great, but they can be a pain to keep in top shape. It’s hard to find the time and know-how to make sure your bike is running smoothly. That is why Lancaster Bike Company will come to you with all of the tools and training you need so that you never have this problem again.

We offer tune-ups, flat tires repair, and everything else under the sun. Get your bike tuned up by an experienced mechanic who lives down the street from you, has been doing this work for years, and makes house calls on his own bicycle. Your neighborhood Lancaster Bike Company guy will come over at a time that works for you, fix whatever needs fixing, and show you how to do basic maintenance yourself so that nothing breaks down again anytime soon. 

Break down and buy a new bike? Nah, we’re all about keeping your favorite bicycle in tip-top shape and so are our knowledgeable mechanics. Our professional mechanics will make sure that your bike is road-ready so that you can ride safely with confidence. Cycling is more fun when everything is working to its highest potential! 


Bike shops can be intimidating for novices, and you may not even know what you need. You just want to ride your bike but it’s hard to get started when something is wrong with the bike. With that said, Lancaster Bike Company got you covered. We are here because we love bikes and we want to help you find a perfect fit that fits your budget so that you too can enjoy the freedom of riding a bicycle without having to worry about maintenance or repairs.

With our custom bike building services, we’ll take care of everything from installing new parts like brakes and pedals, tuning up flat tires, or replacing tubes, all the way through custom builds where every component is chosen by you and us. Our expert mechanics will make sure your bike functions perfectly before they send it back home with you. We will not only build the bike of your dreams but we will also make sure that it will last for a lifetime. 

We believe in making bikes affordable for everyone by offering local customers the opportunity to build their own custom dream bike at an affordable price. Biking is a great way to get around. It’s healthy, fun, and helps the environment. With us, we will make sure that you will have a unique yet enjoyable biking experience! 


We have not yet opened this office for active bike repair and rental service. If you would like to discuss the potential of partnering with us for opening this office, please get in touch with us – or (479) 323-2452