Lorain Bike Company, located in the center of Lorain, is a full-service public bike shop and e-bike facility. Our aim is to offer Lorain with a healthy, sustainable, and cost-effective mode of transportation. We were founded on the concept of providing an alternate mode of transportation as an alternative to the vehicle.

Our rental inventory includes everything from road bikes and hybrids to kid’s bikes and cruisers. We also provide special needs tricycles for people who are less mobile, front-loading cargo bikes for families, and tandems. For your convenience, all of our e-bikes include helmets, locks, maps, and other equipment.

At Lorain Bike Company, our goal is to provide a rental experience that is better than what you have received from our competitors. You will not receive a cheap bike with a broken display, you will not receive a bike that is dirty or faulty, and most importantly you will not receive an encounter where the staff does not care about your experience. We are constantly striving to enhance our service to you by offering professional information on the finest rides in the region, high-quality bikes and gear, and prompt resolution to any difficulties that may arise. We are looking forward to your visit to Lorain with these aims in mind.


Lorain Bike Company is a full-service bike store that caters to Lorain cyclists. Our crew is qualified to handle any project, no matter how big or little, from simple maintenance to creating the ideal commuting bike for you.

Safety inspections, air pressure checks, derailleur adjustments, brakes tested and adjusted as needed, and quick release adjustments are all part of our tune-ups. Our skilled technicians will get you going fast whether you are purchasing a bicycle or simply need to get back out there after some much-needed repair and upkeep. Our store is filled with high-quality parts.

Lorain Bike Company aim is to get you riding your bike as much as possible. We want to do this by giving you and your bike with high-quality service, guidance, and equipment that will allow you to venture out into nature with confidence and efficiency. We can assist you with anything from getting your new bike tuned up to personalizing your ride. A fantastic bike makes every journey more enjoyable and allows people to explore their city in ways they never imagined possible, but even the finest bikes require some Care to keep them functioning at their peak. Allow us to assist you with your bicycle requirements!


Lorain Bike Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of customized handcrafted bicycles. We consider quality, fabrication, and performance to be the pillars of our company. We aim to create a vehicle that will not only endure the test of time, but will also be an extension of your personality and a statement of your uniqueness.

We are committed to working with you every step of the way to design the ideal bike for your needs. We’ve got you covered on everything from choosing the proper size, shape, color, and wheels to adding accessories.

Our objective is to build custom bikes that not only surpass your riding expectations, but also match your lifestyle and budget. We like hand-crafting motorcycles with style and personality for even the most unusual customers. We have a wide selection of our own unique custom bike models, and we can also work with you to construct a bike from your own design.

Call us now and we’ll be delighted to answer any questions you have and help you choose the right bike for you.


We have not yet opened this office for active bike repair and rental service. If you would like to discuss the potential of partnering with us for opening this office, please get in touch with us – or (479) 323-2452