Altoona Bike Company is a full-service bike company with a mission of providing a convenient and affordable bicycle rental program for bicyclists visiting Altoona. We offer traditional rental bikes that you can ride around the local area, with accessories if needed.

Our fleet of Beach cruisers, city bikes, and tandems are just a few examples of the over one hundred different bicycles available for rent. Each rental comes with a helmet, lock, basket, and map of fun things to do in the Lake Geneva area as well as city maps of Portland and Milwaukee. We also offer a selection of unique bike trailers for easy transportation to help take the pressure off parents with young children.

Our strategy is to provide unique, high-quality, and top-shelf bicycles and equipment to individuals at reasonable prices. We also try our very best to educate our customers with proper bicycle maintenance and what they need to know about riding a bicycle. This has become one of the best ways we have found to improve our community by making it accessible for all people.


Tune-ups by Altoona Bike Company are fast and easy to get a bike running smoothly again. This service will ensure that your bike is properly adjusted for easy riding as well as to ensure your safety. Whether you are new to biking and are unsure where to start or if there is just something not feeling right you should bring it in.

Our staff is committed to offering expert service to keep your bike running at its peak performance. We will help you find the right size bicycle for your needs and budget, and recommend accessories to complement your style. Our goal is to get people out and riding again, whether you’re a casual rider or competitive athlete, we want you to have the tools necessary to maximize your ride.

We have provided quality service and a great selection of bikes to customers living all around central Pennsylvania. Our commitment is to provide exceptional customer service and an exceptional product. We believe people don’t just buy products, they buy into an experience, and through that experience, memories are made. Join us at Altoona Bike Company as we continue to build memories, one person, at a time.


Altoona Bike Company is a vibrant example of what craftsmanship, passion, and hard work can do. We have a skilled team of bike builders, retailers, and sales staff who love nothing more than creating, riding, or talking about bikes. Our customers are the heart of our business. The personal relationships we form with them through the process of building their bikes are an integral part of why they come back to us.

Our mission is to satisfy our customers with high-quality, custom race bikes that are properly sized, look good and fit well. We do this by hiring fit technicians who use commercial-grade motion capture, digital video analysis systems, and professional assessment tools to ensure that every bike and fitting system we produce meets our high standards in ergonomics, performance, and safety.

Give us a call today and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and determine the best bike for you!  



We have not yet opened this office for active bike repair and rental service. If you would like to discuss the potential of partnering with us for opening this office, please get in touch with us – ride@bike.co or (479) 323-2452