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Bike Shop Partners Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions regarding our bike shop partnerships

What is a Tier 1 City?
A Tier 1 City includes the top 100 most populated cities in the United States.

For instance, the landing page for New York City bike shop would be an example of a Tier 1 City.

Tier 1 Cities are more valuable due to their population density and market size.

Tier 1 Cities are only available to Platinum Partners.

Exclusive access to traffic, sales and leads for Tier 1 Cities are given to the Platinum Partners for a given city.

What is a Tier 2 City?

Tier 2 Cities include the 900 other cities we have content for that are not in Tier 1.

Gold Partners have access to Tier 2 Cities.

How many cities are available for search & Partnership on

We currently have landing pages and content available for the top 1000 cities by population.

There are also landing pages for all 50 states in the United States.

Examples are available via the sitemap here.

Do your Partnerships require contracts?


However, once a city is forfeited for exclusivity, other partners in wait can claim it and exclusivity disappears.

How much input do I have on my city landing page?

As an exclusive Partner, you will have the ability to provide input for content edits on your city's landing page, including co-branding with your bike shop's logo.

For instance, Seattle bike shop page might include specific detail on the services provided by that partner, including a list of bike shop managers and team members, services provided and a list of the available rental fleet.

Our web development team at will work with you to ensure your landing page fits with your brand and ours.

Can I have exclusivity over multiple cities or an entire state?

Multi-city and state exclusivity is available at a discounted bulk rate.

However, the partnering bike shop must demonstrate the ability and scope reach to service multiple jurisdictions.

Contact us for more information, including pricing.

How do I get an email?

A single vanity email is included in the Platinum Partnership.

Gold Partners are eligible to have an email for a fee of $25 per month.

Additional emails are available for both Platinum and Gold Partners at the same rate.

All emails are hosted at Gmail.

What if I want to blog on for brand exposure for my local bike shop, but I don't have time?

You're in luck!

We have a dedicated blog writing team that can create custom content for you that will be ghostwritten under your brand on

The cost is $0.13 per written word or $130 for a 1,000 word blog post.

How do you plan to drive traffic to, ensuring my Partnership will be valuable? was founded by the owners of

Not only do we have a great domain name, we also have a dedicated team of search engine optimization specialists and content marketing gurus who are dedicated to driving traffic to for years to come.

How can I list my products and services on the shop?

If your shop has excess bike inventory, including bikes, bike parts and other gear, we allow for revenue share by listing it on our website.

However, we require a sync with your inventory management API to ensure we properly track placements.

How do I get paid for services, rentals and purchases?

We have several means of quick and efficient payment for our Partners.

Contact us for more detail.

Bike Product, Hardware & Gear Partners

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Do you carry your own custom bike product, apparel or brand? If so, we would love to connect regarding retail sales options. As a bike product partner, we will work to:
  • Build brand awareness to your bike product(s) from our growing list of engaged email subscribers and website visitors.
  • Work with you to ensure inventory management and product exposure is high.
  • Co-sponsor promotional deals and flash sales.
  • Connect you directly with bike shops and other industry professionals in our network for more exposure.
  • Work with a true partner with direct access to 3PL relationships in one of the hottest bike markets in the United States.

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