2019 Vitus Aluminum Large

 $89.00 Per day

The Mythique was built on a rough, 4-bar suspension that lets users experience the trail’s unadulterated performance. With this bike, you may ride anywhere you like since it blends trustworthy components with cutting-edge, svelte geometry. This Vitus bike will perform almost any way you need it to because it was designed for both ascents and descents. Hire the 2019 Vitus Mythique and tear through the trails.


Day based pricing : 2019 Vitus Aluminum – Large
$89.00 / day

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Size: Large
Color: Nardo Grey

Frame Material: 6061-T6 Aluminium Alloy

Suspension Travel: 130mm Front, 130mm Rear

Wheel Size: 29

Available Size: L

Weight: 14.9 kg

*Includes Helmet and Pedals if needed


Rental Rate: $89/Day $500/week

Rental Day Rate
Rental periods are determined by a day rate, which is determined by a day’s end return (6pm). One-day bike rentals are picked up and returned on the same day. The bike must be returned by the end of the second day if a two-day rental is chosen, etc. A rental “day” does not start at the time of pick-up and end after 24 hours. Weekly leases include a next-day return by 12 p.m. on the eighth day.