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This tray system serves as a basic platform designed to accommodate a variety of tadpole-type trikes, including Delta trikes and hand cycles. To transport the trikes, the vehicle must be equipped with a 2″ receiver hitch that has a minimum ground clearance of 16 inches. If the ground clearance is insufficient, a riser must be added to meet the requirement. In such cases, a second Hitch Tite is necessary to secure the riser and prevent any movement.

The ELT (Easy Load Tray) is equipped with running lights, brake lights, and turn signals. Power for the lights is supplied through either a flat four-pin or a round seven-blade connector, depending on the trike transporting vehicle. The ELT is lightweight and easy to handle, weighing approximately 36 pounds. This is mainly due to its construction, with 10 out of 13 components being made of aluminum. The remaining components, such as the 2″ Receiver Hitch Insert and Wheel Chocks, are made of steel. The aluminum parts include a Center Tube, L and R Sides, a Front Piece, a Light Bar, three Wheel Channels with grip tape, and two Ramps with grip tape. Additionally, three Ramps are available, while the Ramps and Wheel Channels are approximately 3″ wide. The steel components, RHI and Wheel Chocks, are fitted with nylon straps and buckles to securely hold the trike’s wheels in place. The center Wheel Channel is also equipped with a third strap and buckle to secure the single wheel of the trike. Moreover, the Center Tube serves as a conduit for wiring to the lights. The ELT provides a basic usable space of approximately 36.5″ from front to back, while the Wheel Channels measure 63″ in length. By adjusting the placement of the Wheel Channels, the effective width (L to R) can be increased by 12″ by shifting the center Wheel Channel 6″ to the left or right and moving the outside Wheel Channels 6″ in the opposite direction.

When a trike is not loaded, the ELT can be rotated to a vertical position, allowing it to be conveniently out of the way when the vehicle is parked. The rotation is facilitated by a 3/8″ Clevis Pin, and an additional 3/8″ clevis pin is used to securely hold the ELT in either the vertical or horizontal position. It is important to note that when lowering the ELT to the horizontal position, the safety pin must be inserted before loading the trike. This precaution is particularly relevant for heavier trikes, as they may cause the ELT to sag slightly, making it difficult to insert the safety pin. Another safety feature of the ELT is a gravity lock that ensures it remains in the vertical position. When rotated to the vertical position, the ELT drops approximately 1/2″ to prevent it from accidentally falling to the horizontal position. The safety pin must also be reinserted to provide a secondary measure for keeping the ELT vertical. The Wheel Channels are designed to be “ambidextrous,” allowing the trike to be loaded from either side. Similarly, the Wheel Chocks can be placed on either the left or right side to accommodate the loading preference of the customer.

ELT Weight: 37 lbs
ELT-XL Weight: 51 lbs

Please note that the bottom of the 2″ receiver hitch must be at least 16″ above the ground. If it does not meet this requirement, a riser will be necessary. We can provide a recommendation for an appropriate riser.

The Bike Rack is designed to carry one upright bike and can be attached to either the ELT or the ELT-XL using the Receiver Hitch Insert (RHI). The attachment point on the RHI is clearly marked with a white sticker. The bike rack shown in the illustration serves as a proof of concept model and does not have a painted finish. However, it accurately demonstrates the concept and the attachment point. The Bike Rack provides enough clearance to accommodate a 20″ front wheel of a recumbent trike, allowing it to roll under the outside bike pedal. In the case of larger trike front wheels, the pedal might need to be temporarily removed for loading and reinstalled after unloading.

Additional information

Weight 22.67 kg
Dimensions 190 × 16 × 95 cm

Carries One Tadpole Trike Handcycle, Easy Load Tray Rack with Three Ramps / add $50.00, Easy Load Tray XL Rack Will Fit Tires up to 4 Inches Wide 2 Ramps / add $170.00, Easy Load Tray XL Rack Will Fit Tires up to 4 Inches Wide 2 Ramps / add $270.00

Add On

None, Two Wheel Bike Add On to Trike Rack / add $370

Rack Options

Flat Four Connection, Round Seven Light Connection