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PSC (Pedal/Shoe/Cleat Combo) FIT ONLY



(1:15 hrs estimate work time)

The foot pedal connection is the most important aspect of any bike fit because most cycling pain and discomfort originate from the feet.

This session is for anything foot related. If your position is OK and you have changed shoes or are looking to purchase new shoes and/or pedals, or something just doesn’t feel right this is the appointment for you. We will ensure the shoes fit properly and the cleats are set up correctly with the necessary wedges.

This should be schedule only as an add-on to a fit or at a later date (within 1 calendar of a bike fit) when allowed.  A Full Bike Fit is still recommended and a key part of a True Bike Fit while the PSC is only 1/3 of a true fit.  PSC is just 1 connection point out of 3 on a bike, however if this is all you need after having a full bike fit, then this is definitely the right choice for you.

In the PSC we will analyze and make the following adjustments as needed:

1.  Installation of pedals and cleats

2.  Cleat For/Aft position

3.  Cleat Side to Side Position – Knee Alignment

4.  Pedal Spacers/Extenders

5.  Cleat and Foot Tilt/Angle (wedges as needed)

6.  Cleat Rotation

7.  Discuss and/or adjust leg length issues as needed