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Standard Road,Triathlon, Gravel, or MTB Bike Fit



(1:30 hrs estimate work time)

This fit is only for bikes with standard, non integrated stems and seat post designs.  It focuses on setting up the bike to your proper protocol measurements, also known as a Static Fit.  Includes standard adjustment to saddle height, saddle for/aft, handlebar adjustments, and stem length if needed.  The fit will be conducted using using the Manual adjusting RETUL Muv Fit Bike to develop the standard bike fitting parameters/protocols and calculate the fit.

NOTE: This fit is completed using the manual adjusting RETUL Muve Fit Bike for Static/Range fit and does not include the custom PSC (pedal/shoe/cleat) adjustments – please add the PSC(Pedal/Shoe/Cleat) fit along with this fitting or upgrade to the “Premier Fit” that allows for a more custom/specific set-up and dialed in angles in this highly recommended custom fitting service.