Coppell is a suburb of Dallas and a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. It is a great place to live if you love bicycling. There are more than enough bike lanes and trails for biking enthusiasts. How cool and convenient is it that you can grab a bike in the city center and just go wherever you want? With our dedicated team, you can rest assured that your cycling in Coppell is safe, easy, and fun.

BIKE.co is a e-bike company that provides e-bikes to people in Coppell. We allow customers to choose the bicycle that best suits their needs and have the freedom to pick up and return the bicycle at any of our 5 locations in surrounding cities.

We have a range of bikes available, starting with cruisers and tandems for family use and cargo bikes to move your family or groceries. Reserve online or by app, pick up your bike at one of our modern pick-up stations near you and enjoy your ride! Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, we have a solution for you.


If you ride your bike all year long (or even once a year) you’ll eventually need to tune your bike. Now, if you’re a beginner rider then chances are, tuning your bike will be pretty simple. But if you’ve been cycling for a little while now and have transferred to more serious rides, then there will be components of your bike that might need adjusting.

BIKE.co provides bicycle tune-ups and repairs for all levels of cyclists, from entry-level to professional. Our experienced staff will keep your bike running smoothly at affordable prices. Our repair shop and small-scale retail location are located in historic downtown Coppell. With our yearly maintenance membership you can schedule maintenance on any bike at any one of our conveniently located drop-off locations.

Just as each cyclist encounters unique obstacles along the way, each bike requires a specific tune-up. Whether it’s a tune-up, repair of wheels or something else we’ve got you covered. We’re all about cycling culture and empowering our athletes to enjoy the outdoors. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call!


Bikes have been around for a long time, and in all these years, they haven’t really changed all that much except when it comes to functionality. Nowadays, you can modify your bike in just about any way imaginable. Our amazing bike customization tool gives you the power to make changes to your bike and then see what it would be like.

By keeping everything in-house, we can exercise a lot more control over what goes into your bike than most other builders can. BIKE.co is as concerned about the journey as it is the destination. It might take longer than you’d planned but when that bike finally rolls out of our workshop and onto your truck, it’ll be the most satisfying bike you will ever have.

Our bike builders lets you choose a frame that’s right for you, then start customizing your own dream bike. Our mission is to build the best bikes in the world and we take pride in every bicycle we make. With our collect-your-own frames through any of our dealers around the world, we’ve made bike building approachable as well as an opportunity for you to get exactly what you want out of a bicycle.

Biking is an efficient and fun way to commute to work, ride with friends or hit the trails. Our goal is to provide an unforgettable and innovative experience for our customers, and we work hard every day to achieve that goal.

Our office has not been opened yet.

Our office has not been opened yet for active bike repair and rental service. If you are interested in partening with us to open this business, we would be happy to discuss the potential with you.

Please get in touch – ride@bike.co or (479) 323-2452