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With our bikes, you may enjoy the freedom of Logan bicycle riding. Our selection of comfort bikes is both light and efficient. Choose from a variety of extras to make your Logan riding experience more comfortable, as well as an optional basket to carry everything you could need for the day or a longer vacation. Your trip begins with BIKE.co bike rentals.

BIKE.co is a one-of-a-kind 24-hour bike rental service that includes a pleasant staffed pick-up and drop-off facility. We have bikes of various sizes to accommodate riders of all ages and skills.

We share a vision of healthy living and environmental sustainability. Our clients aren’t simply riders; they’re part of a movement that promotes the benefits of cycling in urban areas. BIKE.co has everything you need for a memorable experience: bike rentals, kids’ bikes, and trailers, maintenance, accessories, and more.

Riding is one of the most efficient modes of transportation, and it also encourages exercise, which benefits both our bodies and our communities. As an extra benefit, it’s also a lot of fun! Come along on the trip with us today!


Quality service, quality components, and reasonable prices…what that’s you can count on from BIKE.co. We can repair your bike or just ensure that everything is in working order within our store at any time. Every bike that comes in gets a tune-up from our riders.

Logan Bike Company provides high-quality bicycle-specific tools and trustworthy equipment to ensure that you get the finest service at the greatest price. We also employ cutting-edge technology to deliver high-quality, low-cost services that match both the demands of our clients and the market’s expectations. Our experience offers you the assurance that your bike is being fixed appropriately by trained experts and that it will function properly once repaired and ready for use.

At BIKE.co, you can find a bike shop near you and get your bike tuned up, a flat tire repaired, or plan your next ride. We specialize in the most recent cycling technology, ranging from bicycles to electronic bikes such as electric bikes and e-bikes. Except for Beach Cruisers and Three Wheelers, we deal with most bike manufacturers. We also provide normal bicycle care and repair for all sorts of bicycles. Bikes are our passion; we like riding them and will not leave yours alone. Our objective is to keep you biking and to help you have fun while doing so!


Have you ever wished to personalize your bike? You may either buy a whole new bike or modify your present one using aftermarket parts. It’s not difficult to discover bicycle components; it’s simply a question of understanding what you’re looking for and where to seek. That is where we can assist. Our goal is to market a one-of-a-kind bike to those with special needs. We’d want to make your craziest fantasy a reality.

BIKE.co has handlebars and grips from Renthal and Ergon, as well as drivetrain components from Shimano and SRAM, wheelsets from DT Swiss, Zipp, Reynolds, Velocity, and Mavic, and many other parts from the industry’s best brands. We have hundreds of paint choices for the frame, handlebars, and rims, as well as options for tires and seats.

We collaborate with you to create the bike of your dreams. BIKE.co is an online custom builder that allows you to create and purchase your ideal bike from any device! We are the perfect bespoke bike shop for the individual who does not want to settle, with over 20 distinct frame types to select from. Our assistance and support make the ordering process simple, and our network of local shops guarantees that your new bike is manufactured on time and on a budget right in front of you.


We have not yet opened this office for active bike repair and rental service. If you would like to discuss the potential of partnering with us for opening this office, please get in touch with us – ride@bike.co or (479) 323-2452