With so many things going on in the state of Orem, UT it can be hard to navigate your way around. BIKE.co is your one-stop shop to rent a bike in Orem. To help make your trip more enjoyable and hassle-free, you can rely on BIKE.co to provide you with access to a variety of bikes for rent-by-the-hour or by the day. We offer a wide selection of trusted brands such as Metrofiets, Citizen Bikes, Fairdale Bicycles and more. Our bikes are easy to locate via our real time GPS tracking system that works in tandem with our online rental booking forms where you can reserve the bike. Feel free to enjoy your ride as long as you want! No deposit? No worries! BIKE.co gives you access to thousands of bikes in over 15 cities.

We own and operate our fleet of premium rental bikes, ensuring that you get the most out of your e-bike experience. If you are looking for a smooth bike ride for the whole family, we got you covered with our kid bikes and accessories! Riding is more fun when you do it with others. If you have friends visiting, make an entire day out of it! Let us do the work while you have fun with friends.

BIKE.co works with you to make sure you get the right bike for your needs, and they will deliver it to your house or business. And if you need a ride to a place they don’t yet deliver too, they will pick you up! BIKE.co carries bikes for adults, kids, and tandems. There’s also full suspension and fat tire options available when you want to tackle some dirt trails or cruise around snowy city streets.


Looking for a bike repair shop in Orem, UT? BIKE.co offers tune ups, accessories and custom bicycles. Our expert mechanics have the experience and expertise to handle all side of your bike riding, commuting, racing, mountain, touring—they’ve even made bikes for the Olympics. Drop off your bike at BIKE.co and they’ll test and tweak it until it’s in excellent working condition.

BIKE.co helps you keep your bike running seamlessly and touring smoothly by offering a full suite of tune-up and repair services, as well as complete custom builds, e-bike and sales. The build-your-own custom bike option is the ultimate in DIY, which also gives riders the ability to select components and accessories specifically for their ride strategy. Bike rentals let riders try out new bikes without the commitment and compatibility concerns, while our rep team can make any necessary repairs in our walk-in service department. Our certified mechanics are ready 24/7 to service all makes and models of bikes.

We also offer many cycling related essentials such as accessories, education on new biking trends, and other miscellaneous items to round out your ride and provide you with unique cycling experience. Whether you’re here to pick up a new ride, enjoy a cup of coffee while getting your bike tuned-up or just get out of the office for a bit; it’s our goal to the community stay fit by bringing biking into our daily lives. 


Our BIKE.co team works in our shop in Orem to create awesome handcrafted bicycles. From a classic European tourer to a long travel trail bike, we make it all. Our mission is simple; build the best bikes possible using quality modern materials and classic craftsmanship. We support the cycling community with on-site service and sales, workshops and of course creating a streamlined experience for customers to come in and configure their own bike from the ground up, through a variety of aesthetics, accessories, colors, components. Choose from one of our carefully curate bikes or completely design your own.

From unique handlebars and wheels to complete frame builds, this innovative company’s team of professionals strives to provide the community with high-quality American made bikes. Our mission is to enable riders to more easily “build” or “customize” their own bike. We design, manufacture, distribute and sell the kit for frame building and parts needed to change (or build) the components on a bicycle. 

Our expert mechanics design and construct bikes using the most innovative parts available from around the world. They specialize in hand-crafted frames made from steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber, as well as American-made fully equipped touring and commuting bikes with everything you need to get you where you’re going comfortably and efficiently. We also offer fully customized wheelsets, full wheel building services, dyno tuning for performance cyclists, tandems, bags and racks for every purpose imaginable. 

Our office has not been opened yet.

Our office has not been opened yet for active bike repair and rental service. If you are interested in partening with us to open this business, we would be happy to discuss the potential with you.

Please get in touch – ride@bike.co or (479) 323-2452